Friday, November 21, 2008

i only clean with....

I was chatting with a dear friend and I was telling her about what I clean my house with and she asked me to post this, so here you go my friend.

{here's a little history} I tossed all the chemical cleaning products awhile ago and strictly only use vinegar, baking soda, and washing soda to clean my home. I know this is not new to most of you, but I thought I'd share the recipes. Not only do I feel better about using chemical-free products, but my children can help me clean and I know that they're not ingesting toxic fumes. Actually, just today my 4 year old grabbed the spray bottle and wiped down the cabinets and refrigerator. My grandmother was a strong believer in child labor and I can see why.

You will need: 3 large spray bottles, box of washing soda { I found at Smiths grocery store}, box of baking soda, 1 gallon jug of vinegar.

Soft Scrub-great for showers, tubes and stainless steel.

1/2 cup baking soda
Enough liquid soap or detergent to make a frosting-like consistency

**Pour the baking soda in a bowl; pour in the liquid soap or detergent, stir until you reach the consistency of frosting. Scoop the mixture onto a sponge, wash the surface, and rinse.

Window Cleaner- the best i've ever used!
1/4 cup vinegar (distilled, white, 5%)
1/2 teaspoon liquid soap or detergent
2 cups of water

***Combine in a spray bottle. Shake to blend.

All-Purpose Cleaner-LOVE IT!!
1/2 teaspoon washing soda {not baking soda, i found this in our Smith's grocery store-$3.00 for a box that will last a lifetime}
A dab of liquid soap
2 cups hot tap water

**Combine the ingredients in a spray bottle and shake until the washing soda has dissolved. Apply and wipe off with a sponge or rag.

Deodorizer, Toilet Bowl Cleaner-fantastic!!

studies say vinegar kills 99 percent of bacteria, 82 percent of mold, and 80 percent of germs.

5 percent straight white distilled vinegar

***Pour the vinegar into a spray bottle, and spray directly onto areas to be cleaned or deodorized. you do not need to rinse!!!

I hope you found these to be helpful. It's so much more economical and less harmful to clean this way. Let me know what you think!!

In His Grace-


OOPS... forgot to mention.... Arm and Hammer Super Washing Soda- you can call 1-800-524-1328 and give them your zip code and they'll tell you which store carries it. It's worth the call- it's changed my life... ok, not my LIFE, but the way i clean.


Tish said...

hooray! can you post the brand of washing soda you use? i looked for the arm&hammer kind today but couldn't remember the name...and all i saw was an arm&hammer laundry detergent.

kari said...
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dan and rachel said...

i found your blog through tish's blog. just wanted to say there's a GREAT book with lots of homemade cleaning recipes called, "Clean House, Clean Planet". i'd recommend checking it out from the library and copying the recipes you like (or buy the book). also, I am a HUGE fan of essential oils. they make cleaning so much more fun. however, these days, i must confess that i am foregoing making my own cleaning products and instead use Mrs Meyers products which are AWESOME!

Lisa said...

I also found your site thanks to Tish! :) This is very timely, as I have been struggling to find a solution that works for us! I too want to get away from the harmful fumes and who knows what else is in those bottles! Ugh!
I had been trying a light bleach/water combo for kitchen counters, but it irritates the skin way too much! I'm jazzed about your suggestions & also Rachel's product tips!
Thanks so much! Great idea for a blog too!!

Andrea said...

No chemicals around here. Too many babies and too many allergies. Love Mrs Meyers..the Honeysuckle is my fav. Ecover has a GREAT floor cleaner and some really cool d-washer tabs! Love them.I also use the BioKleen Bac-Out on my laundry and in my bathrooms, they also have a GREAT toilet cleaner...but it is pricey, let me tell ya. I use it only when I HAVE to.
Love me some soda,too.
This is going to be fun.
Keep it up girl! Maybe you can inspire me to clean more than I do.;)


dan and rachel said...

i found this article for you on adding essential oils to your cleaning products. the main ones used in cleaning are lavender, tea tree, peppermint, and lemon . fyi -- this site calls tea tree oil "melaleuca".